Intelligent Retirement Planning and Investing Strategies for Women and Couples Age 50+

Our Approach

Advice-Based and Service-Minded

We’re known across the country and serve clients in many states, but our focus is building one-to-one relationships that make each individual feel at home.

Through a personalized process that goes beyond the numbers to real life values and aspirations, we provide retirement strategy, coaching, education, encouragement, and unbiased fiduciary advice.


The Simply Wealthy Retirement Process

For our clients, wealth is a tool that helps them focus on what really matters: their family and friends, their passions and causes, and their health and happiness. That’s why we designed a step-by-step collaborative planning process aimed at helping you live the best life possible with the money you have.


Values Discovery

We put the dollars and cents aside to talk about life. Through a series of open-ended questions, we explore core values and aspirations, and identify key issues that could make your life simpler, happier and more fulfilling.


Retirement Assessment and Risk Profiling

Next, we conduct a thoughtful and thorough analysis, and use an advanced risk profiling tool based in behavioral finance theory. BLRS summarizes the findings in a clear, one-page action plan (SWOT) that illustrates your financial strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.


Portfolio Design and Implementation

You receive a customized asset allocation recommendation, lifelong income plan and a scientifically balanced portfolio. With the Safe Money Benchmark Strategy, your goals—not an arbitrary benchmark-guide the investment process.


Managing Change

We remain your retirement advocate through ongoing personal communication and coaching. Offering unique tools to help you stay on track, we work with you to continually replace uncertainty with confidence.

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The Science of Successful Investing

We are an independent, fee-only firm, so our investment process is not based on sales quotas, transactions or proprietary products. It’s based on leading research, scientific theory, and a thorough understanding of your personal needs.

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The Value of
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7 Governing Values

In life and in wealth, there are no guarantees. But there are values we can uphold at every opportunity, so this is what we offer clients:

The 10 Biggest Retirement Mistakes People Make and How to Avoid Them

Uncertain about your retirement?

After 30+ years, the biggest retirement missteps seem to be as common as they are avoidable. So we wrote them down.

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The 10 Biggest Retirement Mistakes People Make and How to Avoid Them