Intelligent Retirement Planning and Investing Strategies for Women and Couples Age 50+

Retirement Strategies

When can I retire?
How much do I need? Will I be OK?

Everyone who has ever thought about retirement has asked themselves these and other questions—and for 30+ years Bill has been providing straight answers and sound advice to a small, select clientele across the country. When you have a trusted advisor at your side with the right experience and credentials, you’ll be rewarded with an understanding of what works best, what pitfalls to avoid, and how to enjoy your retirement lifestyle with less stress and worry.

Retirement Strategies


Do you know what you’re invested in and why?

In order to invest with confidence, we believe you need a clear understanding of your portfolio, and that portfolio should be governed with a logical, straightforward methodology.

Working with a team of analysts and money managers, we design retirement investment strategies around individual goals and transparent processes. All accounts are managed on a fee-only, nondiscretionary basis, so modifications happen only once we discuss and agree on a new course of action.

Features of our goals-based investing process include:

Advanced risk analysis and protection strategies to help minimize the potential for loss

Special focus on tax management to help enhance after-tax returns

Quantifying the expected risk and return ranges for your portfolio strategy

  • Our Fee Structure

    We will manage your investment portfolio on a fee-only basis for a small annual percentage of between 0.50% and 1.00% per year. The fee is based upon various factors including the size of your investment portfolio, the number of accounts you have and the complexity of your financial situation. Portfolio management fees are deducted every quarter with a calculation showing how we arrived at your fee per account. This information will appear on your quarterly statements.
  • Why does fee transparency matter?

  • SEI Protections & Investor Security

    SEI Private Trust Company safeguards your assets by adhering to extensive federally mandated controls designed to prevent fraudulent activity. These control measures are audited by both independent and internal auditors. SEI also does not have capabilities that other firms have used to carry out fraud. Specifically:

    SEI does not commingle your assets with its own assets or other investors. Any broker or bank can lend out your securities, offer margin lending and use their clients’ assets as collateral for their own borrowing. But this commingling of funds has been a factor in fraud situations. As a trust company, SEI cannot commingle funds or use client funds in its own account for any use—lending or otherwise—because all client assets are held in an account under the client’s (your) name.

    SEI cannot pledge, lend, or margin your assets that are held in its custody. Margin lending, in which client assets are used as collateral for the broker’s or banks’ lending activities, has also been seen as a primary cause of at least one high profile failure.

    SPTC—not an outside firm—maintains custody of all your assets. Perhaps the largest fraud in financial history was perpetrated through manipulation of custody records for client assets. SEI does not allow custody of your assets by any of the investment firms with which they work. Instead, all assets are held at SEI, and while their third-party money managers are responsible for security selection, SEI does not send your money out to or purchase products from these firms. These money managers are granted access exclusively to trade securities on SEI’s platform, which SEI then monitors. And even though SEI does not allow outside firms to custody SEI client assets, they still perform rigorous due diligence on those firms.


The Safe Money Benchmark Strategy

Predictable retirement income can be an unrealistic goal if it relies on market speculation. That’s why BLRS takes a comprehensive approach that involves maximizing Social Security, defining clear cash flow projections, and anticipating potential future costs.

The Safe Money Benchmark Strategy is a systematic process designed to harvest investment growth, so that you can gain an inflation-adjusted income stream to help fund your lifestyle. It means that your goals, not an arbitrary index benchmark, will gauge the success of your portfolio, and you can capitalize on the growth of your investments while protecting your nest egg.

The Safe Money Benchmark Strategy Process:


Establish a cash account and set your personal benchmark.


Each time your portfolio exceeds your benchmark, harvest the excess.


Accumulate a cash cushion to draw from.


Set up automatic payments from your cash account to your checking.


Planning for a Longer Retirement

The statistics say women tend to live longer than men. This means many women have a longer retirement to plan for, and many couples have unanswered questions about how to maintain their financial independence.

Longevity planning means having the right financial strategies, as well as the right professional relationships, in place for the long term.

Longevity planning helps answer questions like:

What if my health care and lifestyle costs increase in retirement?

Will I be financially stable if I were to lose my spouse?

How long will my weath last?

How do I preserve my independence and not burden my family?


What’s in the way of your retirement goals?

As your retirement advocate, our role is to understand where you want to go and to reduce or eliminate the risks that could hamper your progress.

This includes:

Tax-conscious investing and income generation processes

Advanced risk analysis and custom risk-reward strategies for your portfolio

Identifying hidden risks like inadequate health care savings or out-of-date legal documentation

Working with your accountant and attorney to coordinate personalized strategies


The retirement transition is time to downsize, declutter and simplify.

That’s how you get clarity about the next stage in life. It’s also why we focus on organizing your financial household and helping you establish a strong outlook on your retirement.

Throughout the client relationship, we

Can act as a centralized retirement coordinator, working with your existing professionals and those in our network

Work to consolidate accounts, reduce paperwork and eliminate unnecessary costs

Provide one-page action plans and clear communication to help you maintain your retirement confidence


What’s the best option for your retirement plan money?

When you’re facing a job change or retirement, the decision of how to manage the distribution of your employee retirement plan is both critical and irrevocable. We launched the IRA Rollover Helpline® to help you make that choice confidently, informed by objective advice.

This starts with a review of your 401(k), 403(b), 457 plan, Tax-Sheltered Annuity (TSA) or pension plan, and a comparison of all options available to you, from taking your savings in cash to keeping it in your previous employer’s plan.

If you choose to roll over your capital to an IRA, we will

Contact your employer and obtain the required paperwork

Help you complete it, notarize it, and ship it

Help you avoid IRS penalties & unnecessary taxes

Keep you informed throughout the process

The 10 Biggest Retirement Mistakes People Make and How to Avoid Them

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