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Bill understands that as a Professional Meeting Planner/Program Coordinator, your future depends upon your ability to identify the very best professional experts, and to bring fresh ideas and insights to your audiences. Your clients, whether internal or external, count on you to provide them with exceptional materials, concepts and impact. Consequently, every time Bill speaks, whether it is a keynote, executive retreat, conference, workshop or other venue, he carefully researches the needs and issues facing his particular audience. No two presentations are ever the same. Each is meticulously crafted with “experiential” examples, illustrations, and appropriate humor that will reach out and engage your audience. Although the foundational principles of Bill’s messages are timeless, his energetic-style allows him the flexibility to adapt his message to your group’s unique needs and circumstances to generate the bottom-line ROI you desire. Call 1-518-855-4065 for available dates, to discuss your needs and goals, and to book Bill now!


Keynotes present a unique opportunity for high impact presentations in a one-shot event. Bill seeks to counter time constraints by planning every keynote as a minimum half-day commitment. This allows him the freedom to be available before and after his keynote. He does not practice “speak and run”.


Conferences allow Bill the opportunity to follow-up a keynote with additional content on a more personal basis. These settings enable participants to ask questions pertinent to their particular concerns.

In-House Seminars & Training

In-House Seminars allow for a more personal contact over the course of one or more days. More importantly, the content is designed specifically for your organization or association.

Webinars –Virtual Training

Webinars allow for virtual training anytime with no geographic restrictions and significant cost savings because no travel is involved. Like in-house seminars and training, webinar content is designed specifically for your organization or association.

Corporate Retreats

Corporate Retreats are one of Bill’s favorite venues. The opportunity to interact one-on-one with a client’s senior leadership team in a casual, relaxed environment provides a unique opportunity for strategic planning, formulating innovative breakthroughs, mentoring, and creating lasting relationships.



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