I Specialize in Secure Retirements



I cater primarily to women and couples nationwide who seek retirement guidance, need to put pre-retirement and post-retirement issues into perspective, and make important decisions that require unbiased, objective financial opinions and professional analysis, and fee-only investment management services (with NO product sales).

In the broadest possible sense, my goal and duty is to be your financial advocate. I’m willing and ready to help you make smart decisions that resolve existing financial problems and prevent future ones.


My specialty is in the area of retirement planning and investment management on a fee-only basis.

My retirement advice and consulting services include discovering and prioritizing your needs and goals, mathematical analysis and forecasting, professional evaluation and advice, recommending financially viable solutions, and a structure for making smart financial decisions. Additionally, I will help you open/transfer/consolidate/rollover your retirement and investment accounts (IRA’s, 401k’s, 403b’s, 457 plans, NYS Deferred Compensation plan, TSA’s, annuities, etc.), implement my investment recommendations, and provide ongoing support and monitoring, and accountability.

I will help you make smart decisions with regard to your retirement plans, retirement accounts, retirement and pension options, retirement distributions, retirement income and cash-flow planning, retirement risk management, tax diversification and tax reduction strategies, debt management, retirement investment strategies, asset allocation, retirement investment management, retirement relocation, Social Security, long-term care planning, employee benefits, housing options, mortgage refinancing, and estate planning.

The specific reason or reasons that brought you here will probably be addressed first. As a part of that solution process, I’ll take a broader look at other aspects of your financial life. When I see potential issues, I’ll discuss them with you. I’ll discuss options, timelines and ways to proceed with whatever you choose. I offer a simple, collaborative, systematic approach to crafting a customized retirement and investment strategy for each person. Recommendations are made only after a thorough examination and evaluation of your situation.


I understand that your situation is as unique as your fingerprint and that you may want advice in-person and/or over the phone. I’m flexible, am a good listener, and offer many options to suit your needs. Call me at 518-855-4065 today to discuss your needs. I’m happy to speak with you personally.


In my work with other successful individuals, I’ve learned that your goals and objectives will change over time. Life is a journey!

If your goal is to reach the farthest hill you can see from here, then eventually I expect you to be standing on that hill. When that happens, it will be time to look around and create new objectives to be achieved. As a result, at least every year (or sooner) we can come back to your goals and see if anything needs to be adjusted. Have any family or business events occurred that might trigger changes in your goals? Based on reasonable projections, are you on track to achieve your goals? Can anything be done to decrease the risks associated with accomplishing your goals? Can we accomplish your goals faster? What do we need to do to make sure you feel secure and confident that you will not outlive your money? These are the questions I ask.


Please call me today at 518-855-4065 to schedule a complimentary exploratory meeting. This 60-90 minute get-to-know-you meeting can take place in person or over the phone, and there is no cost or obligation. There is a mutual process of getting to know each other and deciding if there is a desire on both sides to forge ahead. Together we can determine if and how my services would be of benefit to you.


Paying for advice and consulting is an investment. You are not just paying for the work I do; you are paying for the commitment you make to yourself to become financially independent and secure. This commitment extends into everyday life.

Call me now, toll-free, at 518-855-4065 and tell me about your concerns and situation. Once I know a little more about you, I’ll have a better indication of the work involved to help you achieve your desired result, and I’d be happy to provide you with a fee quote and course of action. I look forward to having the opportunity to get to know you and help you personally! Thanks for your time and consideration.



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